About sections bore us. (And we do power yoga…come check us out).

Let us tell you a story…

A girl walked into a small yoga studio in rural Maryland and took a decent yoga class.

However, when she came back the next week for the same “power yoga” class and it was horrible, and not what the class was supposed to offer.

She thought to herself…”that’s not what I paid for” and never went back.

That was the day the idea hit her Caroline Hunstad, our founder, “I think I can do this differently because my time is valuable.”

We all struggle with finding time for ourselves. Let’s face it, this technological day and age we are living in, requires us to be ON even when we are OFF (mindless scrolling on Instagram & Facebook, anyone?).

Add that to the responsibilities of work, family, cooking dinner, making sure everything runs smoothly…well there often isn’t much time left for you.

There often isn’t much time left for you to feel at peace, let along schedule time to move your body.

We see that. We hear that. And that’s why we are here.

Hi, we are Norway Power Yoga and YOU should come see us.

We are career focused, open-minded sweat lovers who love to party early on Saturday mornings and Tuesday nights just the same.

We turn you into a yoga-lover by showing you that you don’t have to do it all –  you just have to do the right thing for you at the time.

We know you need yoga in your life.

We know yoga will make you feel the way you want to feel.

But we also know it’s easy to skip the yoga so you can go to the gym, or a run, or for a bike ride.

At NPY you don’t have to choose between a workout and leaving peaceful, we blend both. So you are left with more time to do the other things you have to do.

We do this so we can help you realize that you are worthy of taking time for you, whether that is 1 hour or 4 hours/week.

You leave empowered and content, knowing that you took the time you needed to nourish you.

We are open every day, you should definitely come see us.


Also, because of our community, you also leave knowing that you are an essential part of something new, unique and fantastic. The people here are incredible. We do think we become the people and the energy we let into our lives, and while it’s not always easy to do that..we make sure that when you are here, they make you feel good, welcome and accepted.


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