Norway Power Yoga is Norway’s only studio that exclusively offers Power Vinyasa Yoga, a physically intense form of yoga that will leave you sweaty, strong, and peaceful.

For your safety are all our instructors certified through our very own Power Vinyasa Teacher Training, a 200 Hour program certified by Yoga Alliance.

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We are also a registered Yoga School, and our teacher training is the first of its kind in Norway. A teacher training that explores different aspects of being a teacher…all so you can learn about YOUR body and mind. We look at poses as ACTIVE, focus less on stretching and more about finding YOUR strength so you can do yoga forever…so your students can do yoga forever. You know, because yoga..is…magic.

If you need the schedule


Your first visit…

You have decided to try us out…so what can you expect from your first visit?

You can show up whenever, for class, we do recommend you register in our system prior to class in case of any cancellations. You can download our very own booking app by searching Norway Power Yoga in the App Store or Google Play. We don’t have “kurs” or courses – our schedule is a full-drop-in schedule. Which means you come when you have time. POWER1 is our beginners class, look for it on the schedule. Make sure to book your spot, as classes tend to get rather full.

We recommend you come early your first time so you can register at the front desk, and the instructor can be informed of any injuries or other considerations. 15-20 minutes is sufficient. The studio opens 20 minutes prior to class and the door is locked 5 minutes before class starts so every one can settle in, and there is no access after this point. Please do not knock if you show up late.

All classes are 60 minutes, and all classes are taught in English. We have different classes for different needs, POWER1 is our LEVEL 1 class or our beginner’s class.

There’s plenty of parking available at Framnes Brygge for a small fee, if you prefer public transportation the bus stops right in front of our building.

Wear comfortable, fitted clothing, you need to be able to move freely (and when your shirt is too big it ends up around your neck/head in down -dog. Trust us, you don’t want that to happen.)

Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat (if you have one, you can borrow one for free on your first visit) mat rental is 40NOK (all mats are disinfected and steamed after each use). We also carry yoga mats for sale, so ask the instructor if you are interested in buying your own mat.

Please reserve your spot in class in our Booking app or by clicking here. So that, in case of any changes or cancellations, you will be notified.

We are so happy to have you, and excited to meet you!

To health, happiness and a powerful yoga practice,

The NPY-team 🙂


There’s no such thing as a yoga class suitable for everyone and your teacher need to stop saying it.

I know. Your teacher tells you all the time. This class is suitable for everyone. Most of the time it’s a lie. Actually, all of the time, it’s a lie. Because they are just trying to get your money. Yes, they are. Because beginners need completely different things than an experienced student. Beginners need a …

Teacher Training


Are you interested in learning more about yoga? Do you want to deepen your own yoga-practice? Do you need something  MORE in your life, but not sure what it is yet?

Teacher Training is for you. Whether you have been doing yoga for years, or you are just starting out on your yoga journey, hungry for knowledge. Whether you plan on teaching or not, a teacher training can be a self-development journey like no other. But don’t just take our word for it…check out this video..


  • Teacher Training will teach you about the history, tradition and philosophy of yoga as a science. It will cover topics such as the Eight Limbs, Chakras, and Ayurveda.
  • Teacher Training will teach you about the physical alignment of a selected sequence of yoga postures. It will teach you about the muscles and joints involved, what the benefits are, and how to modify for injuries and special populations.
  • Teacher Training covers anatomy and exercise science in depth, so that you can keep your students safe through all fases of their lives.
  • Teacher Training will help you explore different sides of yourself, physically and mentally. It will help you become more aware of your body and how you act and think.
  • Teacher Training will help you “Find your Voice” and story. At NPY, good teachers, are teacher that connect with students, and you can’t connect if you don’t know what your story is, why you’re teaching and WHAT you want to/are trying to teach.
  • Teacher Training will teach you how to teach effectively and efficiently. Your verbal cueing will be honed, all with a goal in mind: that you will be the best teacher that YOU can be.
  • Teacher Training will teach you to build great class sequences following all the principles of a good and well-rounded Power Yoga Class. Emphasis is also put on sequencing and music.
  • You will receive an extensive workbook that is yours to keep so you can take it with you and refer back to it on your yoga journey.

We offer an intensive 200-hour Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance. You will be equipped to teach foundational power yoga, you will deepen your practice, you will grow as a human being, you will learn about history, philosophy and the science that yoga really is. You will definitely be challenged physically but also mentally! If you think this is for you, email us at hello@norwaypoweryoga.com or call 99476937.

Course Details:

Course length: 8 weeks, we meet 8 weekends (Friday 18-22, Saturday 09-16 & Sunday09-16)

Tuition is 28 000- plus a non-refundable deposit of 2500,- to reserve your spot. Payment plans are available.

*Teacher Training requires membership at Norway Power Yoga to fulfill class number requirement of certification (arrangements can be made for out of towners).

If you are interested but have special considerations like family responsibility and work, reach out, we can always find a solution!

Lead Trainer: The training is led by lead trainer Caroline Herring. She believes in modifying traditional yoga poses to make a greater impact on mobility and movement patterns, as well as engaging more of the “right” muscles to protect and strengthen your joints and make sure you can get a great workout.

She’s an FRCms, E-RYT 200, YACEP, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Mind Body Fitness Specialist, and an ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist