Why Norway Power Yoga? 

Hi, my name is Caroline.


I have a question for you, why did you choose the gym or yoga studio you currently go to?
I fell in love with yoga and found a community – but then I had to move away and it started an intense search after a new yoga home. 3 cities and 2 countries later, my search has culminated in Norway Power Yoga. You see, I had a need – yet no studio or gym in my suburban/small town areas could really provide what I wanted – and being the person I am – I decided to fulfill that need myself. I certainly couldn’t be the only one who needed flexibility? Right? I couldn’t be the only one missing the convenience of big city living and services? 

What makes NPY different? Let me tell you. 
As a busy – working – mom I can’t take 2,5-3 hours out of my day for yoga. I. Just. Can’t. Most yoga classes are 75-90 minutes (who has that kind of time?) 
But, I can do 60 minutes + travel time. Therefore, all the classes at NPY are 60 minutes. You need more? Trust me, what we give up in length we make up for in intensity. 

As an entrepreneur with crazy – different and unpredictable weeks – I can’t workout the same days every week. I need a schedule that gives me a chance to pop in when I have time. Be it on Tuesday – Friday or Sunday!! Flexibility is key!! (Add in the flexibility of deciding what I pay for it – by how long I’m willing to commit – and ladies and gentlemen – we have a winner!) 
As good as 60 minute classes and an unmatched schedule are, however, I often feel when I walk in to a new studio or teacher, that I can’t understand what the teacher is trying to get me to do. Have you ever felt that way in a yoga class?
Especially when they cue everything in Sanskrit (side note: major props to the people who can do it – it’s a mouthful to get in all of that in – in 60 minutes flat!) – therefore, at NPY we use English as our primary language and throw in the occasional Sanskrit term here and there to get you familiar with the “sounds.” 
Couple English with the way we cue and teach – short and concise – there’s nothing you should leave wondering about, except maybe WHEN you’ll nail that Chaturanga! (See what I did there?…) 

Personally, I don’t have time for yoga AND working out every day. Though there definitely is more to yoga than the physical – we know the benefits of a physical yoga practice – and a great workout – therefore, we combine the two. Wham, bam! 
What about the different classes? Well, all our classes are also designed to fulfill specific needs.
Some days, when you want to work alignment and foundation – a POWER class is the class to take! It’s also the class that offers you predictability, you know, for those days that you’ve had a rough day and just want something familiar – with no unexpected surprises.
Other days I’m on fire – I want a challenge, I want to be surprised at the class sequence and my own abilities – and for that POWER HOUR! And if you just want to disconnect and breathe….? POWER OFF. 

To sum it up, daily drop-in schedule, 60 minute classes, flexible membership options, easy to understand cueing, straight forward class formats…these are things that set us apart from the rest. The things that give us small-towners the feeling of being back in a big city. 
Still don’t know if Norway Power Yoga is for you? Check out our Facebook page to see what’s going on down by the water … or even better call me and ask – I’d love to tell you more about why we do what we do – and how we might fit into your life. We offer all new people a free class and our Community Class is always free – so you can get some yoga in your life.
You can reach me by dialing 99476937 or at caroline@norwaypoweryoga.com 

To health, happiness, and your yoga journey,