Teacher Training – How I love thee!!


By Caroline Herring, lead trainer at Norway Power Yoga

“How can you connect with another person? By being you, and owning it.”


Holy cow you guys! We are just about done with our first TT session of 2017 here at NPY, and it’s been one hell of a ride. It’s been four months of hard work, laughter, tears, challenges and pure joy. I adore leading TT. I adore seeing how YOGA can change a person completely – to bring what they saw as being of of their biggest challenges – out in the light and turn it in to a strength.

We spend a lot of time of self-development in TT, both directly and indirectly. This is because I believe that the most important thing we do as teachers is to connect with our students.

But how do you connect? How can you connect with another person? By being you, and owning it.

People don’t need you to be perfect, they need you to be human. Now, there’s definitely a difference in being a “good teacher” and knowing how to cue and guide, as opposed to being a person who struggles with guiding others, but a GREAT teacher connects. That’s it. That’s what keeps people coming back. That’s what helps you open up, work hard, and respect yourself on the mat, and off.

Lastly, it’s easy to teach people to teach yoga – but it’s very difficult to make a yoga teacher cool, fun, and relatable if “teaching” is all they do.

If you are ready to transform your life, yourself, your body…reach out and ask questions, it’s super important to find the right training for you – because if you’re in the wrong training, (aside from the wasted money) you will not spend your time not getting what YOU need out of it.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Our next session of self-development and awesomeness that TT is, is this July, so if you’re spending your summer in the area – get on that eary bird pricing and save 1500,- off your tuition!

To your health and to your happiness,


You can reach me at 99476937 or caroline@norwaypoweryoga.com