Power Yoga isn’t yoga…

by Caroline Herring, founder and instructor at NPY

Oh! If I had a dollar (or Euro) for everytime I heard that. To me, it’s like the endless I am right and you are wrong – we will never agree. What I do know, is that yoga comes in many forms, many ways and to all people differently. Yoga means to unite – or to yoke, and what we often refer to as YOGA is Asana the physical branch of the tradition.

We unite the body and the breath, the mind and the body, and the breath, the body with the movement. That’s the requirement for doing yoga. Simple. Does your form of yoga fullfill those things? Do you do that in your practice? Well great, then you are doing yoga.

You see, I’m not that “deep” or that spiritual (although yoga has made me more of both)…I am an academic, a pragmatic, very impatient, very busy, I like speed and action and MY YOGA needs to help me unite MY breath, MY movement and MY body in MY way. You won’t find me (often) in a restorative class. You won’t find me in a class without music. You won’t find me in a class where I can’t take water breaks when I need them. You won’t find me in a class where there’s no laughter.

This yoga. Power Yoga. Fits me! My personality, what I like and what I need. It’s simple, fun, easy going, and it relies heavily on exercise science and movement science rather than tradition.

Whether or not it fits you, or is YOGA TO YOU, well..my friend, I say to you…find your bliss, find your happiness, focus on the things YOU LIKE more than focusing on casting judgement. There are soooo many different roads to happiness, I (and my tribe) have found mine. This is our yoga.

To health and happiness,


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