“YOUR FIRST VISIT” by a new member

You grab the door handle and think “I’m really doing this!”

You open the door..and this nice comfortable heat hits your face “Is this Norway? It feels like I’m somewhere tropical,” you think to yourself.
Then you smell a hint of peppermint, orange and “what is that….clove?” You look up and you see a huge smile and the smile says “welcome!”
You hang your coat and take off your shoes…then nervously walk up to the front desk.
An arm reaches across the desk…the smile introduces herself, and tells you “I’m so happy to meet you, how are you?”
You’re starting to relax. A little.
You have to check in. The smile asks you about how you found the studio, how you found “us” and you answer “Google said you were the best.”
You answer all the questions, fill out a form, get your own identification chip and nervously ask “what’s this for?”
“It’s yours for when you come back…all your information is stored in there”
You think to yourself, “That’s cool”
You receive a mat, and walk around the corner. The view hits you…
White, peaceful…you think this is the most beautiful space you have seen.
You put your stuff away…and step through the doors.
The ocean, the scent of peppermint and orange…you’re starting to feel weirdly energized and calm…both at the same time.
You put your mat down in the back row. “I don’t want to be in the front” you tell yourself…”I’ll hide back here.”
It’s now a few minutes before the announced class time and the smile walks into the room and introduces herself again (thank god, because you already forgot her name) and again, she greets you with the most sincere eyes. You’re starting to relax.
She tells you not to worry, that you don’t need any previous knowledge.
You’re afraid of looking silly. You’re afraid of standing out.
Once class starts you’re impressed..your body is guided skillfully into positions … even without knowing what a “cowa-bunga” is….
Then, before you know it, the smile says “sit down, how are you guys? Grab some water”
You look at your watch and think to yourself “20 minutes in and I’m sweating…”
Forty minutes in, you’re glowing. In a balancing pose…looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking to yourself
“look at her…wow! please, body, hang on…I don’t want to fall!”
You know class was supposed to be 60 minutes so you know it’s nearing the end.
The smile, without effort, has now guided you down on your back.
You close your eyes,
“she said, focus on the breath…I’m tired, my right toe itches…ok, breath…iiiinhaaaale…I’m hungry, do I need to wash my hair….ok, again, breathe.”
Four minutes pass in an instant, and you realize when you walk out that you have never felt such peace. Never been THIS content. Yet so tired…like you worked out.
You thought yoga was going to be scary…or boring…or worse, just stretching.
Now, your legs are shaking and your triceps are dead. “Cowabunga” she said…that’s a funny word.
The smile asks you how it was, what you found challenging and when she can expect to see you again…by now, you feel like you know her. She’s one of your best friends. You trust her.
You put your shoes on, your coat, say “goodbye” and grab that handle.
You open the door, the cold hits you right smack in the face…but you don’t care. You found peace. You found space. You found fun. You found warmth. You found joy.
You found…Norway Power Yoga.