Yoga is magic…but unless you’ve done it before..you wouldn’t know that.

Let us tell you a little more. The psychological benefits of yoga…are amazing.

The physical side..well, that varies.

You know, from style to style…studio to studio. All places are different. SO you really have to find your match. YOUR soulmate yoga style.

If you want to keep your primary form of exercise, you can…however, traditional yoga leaves out some very important movement patterns for your body. Which is why…we also offer other classes. SO that if you want to..you would only need us.

Most people though, use us as a supplement..no matter how much they love us. Because, we always say..too much of a good thing..is…too good?

Maybe it doesn’t go exactly like that…so let us tell you a little about us.

This girl, Caroline, had an idea. You see…she moved away from her first studio. Let me paint you a picture first…this studio. Was the place she felt like she belonged. And the teachers..consistently great.

Well..she moved away and started looking for a new place. But couldn’t find a place that could measure up.

Inconsistent teachers.

Bad education.

Different classes in the same format style.

Caroline, likes quality. Caroline…likes to know that she gets what she pays for.

So…she decided..there’s gotta be something I can do.

She did.

4 years later, Norway Power Yoga opened.

In the beginning, it was just her. Dead set on a vision of making quality yoga avaiable to people…on THEIR schedule.

Then, people joined her.

Teachers were educated…

Students see the benefits of a style that focuses less on stretching and more on building strength and stability.

Now, NPY (that’s what we call ourselves on all our private channels!) is a place where people go to workout, find space to breathe, find joy, fun, friends…exercise. Yeah, the reasons are many.

Are you interested in trying?

If you are just be aware..we might make you feel at home..right away. We have that effect on people. Not bragging. But we genuinely like you…and we hope that you..genuinely will like us.