“YOUR FIRST VISIT” by a new member

You grab the door handle and think “I’m really doing this!”

You open the door..and this nice comfortable heat hits your face “Is this Norway? It feels like I’m somewhere tropical,” you think to yourself.
Then you smell a hint of peppermint, orange and “what is that….clove?” You look up and you see a huge smile and the smile says “welcome!”
You hang your coat and take off your shoes…then nervously walk up to the front desk.
An arm reaches across the desk…the smile introduces herself, and tells you “I’m so happy to meet you, how are you?”
You’re starting to relax. A little.
You have to check in. The smile asks you about how you found the studio, how you found “us” and you answer “Google said you were the best.”
You answer all the questions, fill out a form, get your own identification chip and nervously ask “what’s this for?”
“It’s yours for when you come back…all your information is stored in there”
You think to yourself, “That’s cool”
You receive a mat, and walk around the corner. The view hits you…
White, peaceful…you think this is the most beautiful space you have seen.
You put your stuff away…and step through the doors.
The ocean, the scent of peppermint and orange…you’re starting to feel weirdly energized and calm…both at the same time.
You put your mat down in the back row. “I don’t want to be in the front” you tell yourself…”I’ll hide back here.”
It’s now a few minutes before the announced class time and the smile walks into the room and introduces herself again (thank god, because you already forgot her name) and again, she greets you with the most sincere eyes. You’re starting to relax.
She tells you not to worry, that you don’t need any previous knowledge.
You’re afraid of looking silly. You’re afraid of standing out.
Once class starts you’re impressed..your body is guided skillfully into positions … even without knowing what a “cowa-bunga” is….
Then, before you know it, the smile says “sit down, how are you guys? Grab some water”
You look at your watch and think to yourself “20 minutes in and I’m sweating…”
Forty minutes in, you’re glowing. In a balancing pose…looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking to yourself
“look at her…wow! please, body, hang on…I don’t want to fall!”
You know class was supposed to be 60 minutes so you know it’s nearing the end.
The smile, without effort, has now guided you down on your back.
You close your eyes,
“she said, focus on the breath…I’m tired, my right toe itches…ok, breath…iiiinhaaaale…I’m hungry, do I need to wash my hair….ok, again, breathe.”
Four minutes pass in an instant, and you realize when you walk out that you have never felt such peace. Never been THIS content. Yet so tired…like you worked out.
You thought yoga was going to be scary…or boring…or worse, just stretching.
Now, your legs are shaking and your triceps are dead. “Cowabunga” she said…that’s a funny word.
The smile asks you how it was, what you found challenging and when she can expect to see you again…by now, you feel like you know her. She’s one of your best friends. You trust her.
You put your shoes on, your coat, say “goodbye” and grab that handle.
You open the door, the cold hits you right smack in the face…but you don’t care. You found peace. You found space. You found fun. You found warmth. You found joy.
You found…Norway Power Yoga.

10 tips before you start Teacher Training

by Caroline Herring, E-RYT 200 & Lead Trainer at Norway Power Yoga

Teacher Training is one of the top 10 experiences of my life…and every time I think about all the things I learned going in, I learn more, and I see more. It’s one of those experiences, however, that won’t work unless you DO THE WORK. It’s about you. It’s for you.

Here are 10 tips on how you can make the most out of the investment in your personal growth and practice.

Go ALL in
Understand that this journey will be life changing, but only if you let it. Decide to take the journey as is, and do not get discouraged when you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information or the requirements to teach a class. Just do it, commit and you will get the most from your training.

Leave what doesn’t work
The best advice I ever got during my TT. You see, Anatomy is like a foreign language to me…I barely understood any of it during TT, but rather than spending way too much time with it and falling behind I let it go (for now) and focused on the journey ahead. Then, when TT was over, I understood that was my challenge so I did multiple certifications and classes in anatomy to get it to sink in. 200 hours of information is a lot in 8 weeks or 4 months, so leave the stuff that doesn’t work in your brain, and do that after.

Get uncomfortable.
Whether you intend to teach or not (I didn’t) be willing to be uncomfortable. Whether that means vounteering to teach in front of the class early on, or sharing your deep rooted “issues” (trust me, they will come up during this journey) – get uncomfortable. Growth only happens when we are challenged, so be willing to be uncomfortable.

Be humble.
Whether you have been practicing for eight weeks or eight years. Be humble. Understand that all those you meet in your TT journey can be lessons for you to learn more about yourself.

Figure out WHY you don’t like things.
During TT, I really was faced with lots of information, but what really stuck with me was that — this whole life we live…it’s really internal. How we feel about people, how we react to people or situations is really only a reflection of our internal well-being/world. What does that mean?

We see what we want to see. We see what we THINK is there. If you don’t like a person in your TT, figure out WHAT quality in you they are reflecting. When you take other styles of yoga, or other teachers than your go-to teacher, figure out WHY you didn’t like the flow, or WHAT it is about the teacher that you don’t like. It will reveal a great deal about yourself. A great deal.

Be open.
To learn, live, and laugh. To trust yourself and the people around you. To not take yourself too seriously. To other perspectives. To really living, not just existing.

Take time off
Understand that your life will revolve around yoga for the duration of your training. Constructive rest is important. Take one day OFF during the week. Take one day off, where you don’t THINK about yoga. I’m not going to tell you not to take a yoga class…because I can’t go a day without, but find your way to rest, restore and rejuvenate by disconnecting the mind.

(prepare to) TEACH
When your training is over, get out there and teach immediately. Immediately. While a lot of people say otherwise, getting out there and just doing it for a little while is super important…because that first step into the studio. Onto the “teacher’s mat” is the hardest. Take it immediately. Whether you stick with it or take a break after a little while, that’s up to you. Just take it. I’ve seen so many people not take the step and “try it out in their body,” who end up never teaching even though they have a great voice and message. Try it out, see if it’s for you.

Bring snacks!
Seriously, you WILL do a lot of yoga. Your body needs fuel, make sure you provide it.

Don’t expect miracles
Realize that the first 200 Hours is JUST SCRATCHING the surface. It’s the foundation. Don’t expect your TT provide you with ALL the information. After my TT there was some things I felt like we hardly covered, yet after a while I realized that it’s impossible to “get it all in” so choose a TT in a form of yoga that appeals to you, at a studio where you like what they focus on, with teachers you vibe with and realize that this is just the beginning. You are now a yoga student for life, and you will read, learn, practice and acquire new information on a daily basis.

“my life and practice, will never look the same as before I invested in my own knowledge and growth”

If you have thought about Teacher Training, don’t wait. Whether you want to just learn more about yoga and the philosophy, go deeper in your own practice, or learn about “correct” alignment in poses….you are ready! Make the time to invest in your growth, and your life can change forever.


Power Yoga isn’t yoga…

by Caroline Herring, founder and instructor at NPY

Oh! If I had a dollar (or Euro) for everytime I heard that. To me, it’s like the endless I am right and you are wrong – we will never agree. What I do know, is that yoga comes in many forms, many ways and to all people differently. Yoga means to unite – or to yoke, and what we often refer to as YOGA is Asana the physical branch of the tradition.

We unite the body and the breath, the mind and the body, and the breath, the body with the movement. That’s the requirement for doing yoga. Simple. Does your form of yoga fullfill those things? Do you do that in your practice? Well great, then you are doing yoga.

You see, I’m not that “deep” or that spiritual (although yoga has made me more of both)…I am an academic, a pragmatic, very impatient, very busy, I like speed and action and MY YOGA needs to help me unite MY breath, MY movement and MY body in MY way. You won’t find me (often) in a restorative class. You won’t find me in a class without music. You won’t find me in a class where I can’t take water breaks when I need them. You won’t find me in a class where there’s no laughter.

This yoga. Power Yoga. Fits me! My personality, what I like and what I need. It’s simple, fun, easy going, and it relies heavily on exercise science and movement science rather than tradition.

Whether or not it fits you, or is YOGA TO YOU, well..my friend, I say to you…find your bliss, find your happiness, focus on the things YOU LIKE more than focusing on casting judgement. There are soooo many different roads to happiness, I (and my tribe) have found mine. This is our yoga.

To health and happiness,


Teacher Training – How I love thee!!


By Caroline Herring, lead trainer at Norway Power Yoga

“How can you connect with another person? By being you, and owning it.”


Holy cow you guys! We are just about done with our first TT session of 2017 here at NPY, and it’s been one hell of a ride. It’s been four months of hard work, laughter, tears, challenges and pure joy. I adore leading TT. I adore seeing how YOGA can change a person completely – to bring what they saw as being of of their biggest challenges – out in the light and turn it in to a strength.

We spend a lot of time of self-development in TT, both directly and indirectly. This is because I believe that the most important thing we do as teachers is to connect with our students.

But how do you connect? How can you connect with another person? By being you, and owning it.

People don’t need you to be perfect, they need you to be human. Now, there’s definitely a difference in being a “good teacher” and knowing how to cue and guide, as opposed to being a person who struggles with guiding others, but a GREAT teacher connects. That’s it. That’s what keeps people coming back. That’s what helps you open up, work hard, and respect yourself on the mat, and off.

Lastly, it’s easy to teach people to teach yoga – but it’s very difficult to make a yoga teacher cool, fun, and relatable if “teaching” is all they do.

If you are ready to transform your life, yourself, your body…reach out and ask questions, it’s super important to find the right training for you – because if you’re in the wrong training, (aside from the wasted money) you will not spend your time not getting what YOU need out of it.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Our next session of self-development and awesomeness that TT is, is this July, so if you’re spending your summer in the area – get on that eary bird pricing and save 1500,- off your tuition!

To your health and to your happiness,


You can reach me at 99476937 or caroline@norwaypoweryoga.com


Why Norway Power Yoga? 

Hi, my name is Caroline.


I have a question for you, why did you choose the gym or yoga studio you currently go to?
I fell in love with yoga and found a community – but then I had to move away and it started an intense search after a new yoga home. 3 cities and 2 countries later, my search has culminated in Norway Power Yoga. You see, I had a need – yet no studio or gym in my suburban/small town areas could really provide what I wanted – and being the person I am – I decided to fulfill that need myself. I certainly couldn’t be the only one who needed flexibility? Right? I couldn’t be the only one missing the convenience of big city living and services? 

What makes NPY different? Let me tell you. 
As a busy – working – mom I can’t take 2,5-3 hours out of my day for yoga. I. Just. Can’t. Most yoga classes are 75-90 minutes (who has that kind of time?) 
But, I can do 60 minutes + travel time. Therefore, all the classes at NPY are 60 minutes. You need more? Trust me, what we give up in length we make up for in intensity. 

As an entrepreneur with crazy – different and unpredictable weeks – I can’t workout the same days every week. I need a schedule that gives me a chance to pop in when I have time. Be it on Tuesday – Friday or Sunday!! Flexibility is key!! (Add in the flexibility of deciding what I pay for it – by how long I’m willing to commit – and ladies and gentlemen – we have a winner!) 
As good as 60 minute classes and an unmatched schedule are, however, I often feel when I walk in to a new studio or teacher, that I can’t understand what the teacher is trying to get me to do. Have you ever felt that way in a yoga class?
Especially when they cue everything in Sanskrit (side note: major props to the people who can do it – it’s a mouthful to get in all of that in – in 60 minutes flat!) – therefore, at NPY we use English as our primary language and throw in the occasional Sanskrit term here and there to get you familiar with the “sounds.” 
Couple English with the way we cue and teach – short and concise – there’s nothing you should leave wondering about, except maybe WHEN you’ll nail that Chaturanga! (See what I did there?…) 

Personally, I don’t have time for yoga AND working out every day. Though there definitely is more to yoga than the physical – we know the benefits of a physical yoga practice – and a great workout – therefore, we combine the two. Wham, bam! 
What about the different classes? Well, all our classes are also designed to fulfill specific needs.
Some days, when you want to work alignment and foundation – a POWER class is the class to take! It’s also the class that offers you predictability, you know, for those days that you’ve had a rough day and just want something familiar – with no unexpected surprises.
Other days I’m on fire – I want a challenge, I want to be surprised at the class sequence and my own abilities – and for that POWER HOUR! And if you just want to disconnect and breathe….? POWER OFF. 

To sum it up, daily drop-in schedule, 60 minute classes, flexible membership options, easy to understand cueing, straight forward class formats…these are things that set us apart from the rest. The things that give us small-towners the feeling of being back in a big city. 
Still don’t know if Norway Power Yoga is for you? Check out our Facebook page to see what’s going on down by the water … or even better call me and ask – I’d love to tell you more about why we do what we do – and how we might fit into your life. We offer all new people a free class and our Community Class is always free – so you can get some yoga in your life.
You can reach me by dialing 99476937 or at caroline@norwaypoweryoga.com 

To health, happiness, and your yoga journey,

On being blind and free

By Helen Karlsen

What resonated with you most? That’s one of the questions in our final exam for teacher training at NPY. It’s an easy one for me to answer: Doing yoga blindfolded.

When Caroline gave each of us a length of thick black fabric, she warned us not to peek. We would be depriving ourselves of a very special experience, she said.

She was right. I have never felt so joyful during a practice. While it was challenging, because I had to use my muscles more consciously to avoid losing balance, it was also liberating.

The goal of yoga is to unite mind and body. An observance called pratyahara, meaning removal of the senses, is one way of taking us from the outside in. This is a journey to find the self.

Feeling poses from the inside out, moving intuitively and keeping focus solely on myself felt magical. Because the need for presence and focus was greater, the present moment became magnified. I was also much more in tune with my breath. The feeling and sound of my body moving through space was heightened too.

This was an opportunity to trust myself, find confidence from within and to realize that I am my own best teacher. The result was that I went much deeper into asanas. I was not the only one who remarked afterwards that I had achieved the deepest Half Pigeon of my life that night.

But the magic didn’t end when I took off the blindfold.. As a group, we were so moved by what we had felt that it was hugs all round. Some cried, some laughed, others were just amazed. I felt as if I had been transported somewhere inside myself and had been away for quite some time

As for the sleep I had when I got home, it was as deep as my Half Pigeon and equally enjoyable. What a night!